Test your speed, knowledge and nerves in 30 pop culture categories with SCRAMBO!


Avanti Games was founded by Chris and Lena Mancini on the belief that tabletop games are one of the best ways to connect with friends and family.


We strive to make games that bring people together and let them interact in fun and challenging ways. Games that are accessible to casual players while offering enough challenge for serious gamers.

Our first game Scrambo recently funded on Kickstarter, so please stay tuned to this site for future news and updates!


Scrambo is the first game from designer Chris Mancini and Avanti Games!


Roll fast and think faster in this addictively simple, simply addictive dice game of quick-thinking categories!

From celebrities to science, songs to sports, Scrambo has 30 categories for everybody to test their speed, knowledge and nerves!